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If you’ve made it this far and actually considered supporting my creative effort I’d just like to say thank you. This is one of my bigger projects and I want to do it right with the support of people who believe in the vision, regardless of my previous achievements. I have an amazing story to tell & you can help me tell it! 


There is more to come for all supporters as well. I’ll be updating you via email on all developments (free merch drops,  character development etc.) and you will be the first to have Issue #1 once it’s been fully developed. 


Thank you, 


Sunni B Aka Ahab Naeco 


Note (7/1/21): With the help of Adaept Design we just put in the order for the skate decks as this is a new project. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the limited edition skate decks may take 2 or months to arrive from the manufacturer. Early supporters will receive them immediately upon arrival and all other items shortly after placing the order. There is also a shipping option to receive everything together when the boards arrive. Once our limited run of 100 boards are in house this note and the option will be either updated or removed. They are 100% guaranteed and infinitely worth it. 

[Also check out @push.4.peace on Instagram to see how we help young skaters in the community of Long Beach, CA]

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