Bryan Baker: Behind The Counter | Episode 2

Through the OCEANOrgLB I was able to work with Su Ferreira who is creator and producer of the Behind The Counter Series based in Long Beach, CA. Su already produced a pilot episode and was ready to move forward but needed a camera crew on a budget so she contacted the non-profit and I was selected to be director of photography to establish the ultimate feel of the show.

The set up is pretty standard. I wanted a shot that focused primarily on the main artist [Brayan Baker], another on the whole band, and a third rotating to each indiviuald and a hand held gimbal that was operated by Hugo Vasquez. My money shot was the “surveillance footage” which I discussed with Su. She said it was an idea they had for the first episode but didn’t know how to make it work properly. I don’t think it was a priority at all the first time around even though I felt it was something that would make everything feel more .. connected? Either way I made it happen with easy and its the main compliment I get when showing friends the production.

This was also Su’s first time editing a video of any kind and she did and amazing job. She taught herself the basics and I was able to show her a technique I use for editing that is most efficient when it comes to any productions that has more than one angle in a scene. She also filmed all of the other footage that’s not the main live recording itself and I KNOW if she keeps at it she’ll be a major force to reckon with.

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