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Ahab Naeco/Sploosh Album – AHAB NAECO

Ahab Naeco is all about the brand first and the individual second. That is why I went under the moniker “Krow Klan” for my latest go in music. I also decided to go with a “group name” instead of branding it as an individual because I collaborated with other musicians and artist, primarily @ceditbeats out of Los Angeles. I like how Fleetwood Mac did, the same, focusing on the music rather than who “The Main Guy”. Here is some content from Krow Klan that was sadly disbanded due to the fact that certain people within the “group” were later revealed to have prejudice towards people of lower class brackets… I don’t like that. Either way, the music is great and I did all of the writing on most of the production. Its safe in the end no matter how much I tried to include others I did most of the work so I can do what I’d like with it. You can support the music by purchasing directly from this platform at Shop – AHAB NAECO

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